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A guide to Romania, a civic attitude where great people and ideas make a better place.

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Bucharest · Cluj-Napoca · Timisoara · Constanta · Iasi · Craiova · Brasov · Alba Iulia · Tulcea · Targu Jiu · Suceava ·

Cities with more than 300.000 inhabitants

Bucharest · Cluj-Napoca · Timisoara · Constanta · Iasi ·


Fast Facts

  • The 45o parallel Northern latitude crosses Romania, which situates the country halfway between the North Pole and the Equator.
  • Romania's neighbours are: Hungary, Ukraine, the Republic of Moldavia, Bulgaria and Serbia.
  • The surface of the country measures ~238000 sq km, which places Romania among the large states in Europe.
  • Romania is a parliamentary republic, with an elected bicameral Parliament and a president elected for a 5 years' mandate.
  • The official Romanian currency is the Leu, and its smallest division is called a ban (100 Bani = 1 Leu).
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